Meet Dr. Cabral

Dr. Cabral (affectionately referred to as "Dr. C") is a Native Texan hailing from her hometown of Coupland, Tx. Lucky for us, Dr. Cabral and her husband Jared (an accomplished chef) decided to relocate from the greater Houston area to Temple to work here at Temple Veterinary Hospital! "Dr. C's" educational journey begins at Taylor High School followed by obtaining her undergraduate degree from Tarleton State University in Animal Science with a minor in biology. Following her graduation from Tarleton State she decided to attend Texas A&M University for Veterinary School. When asked why she wanted to become a Veterinarian, she remarked that it was a natural choice since she loves animals and has a passion for medicine! 

"Dr. C" has a great love for all things outdoors, including several of her hobbies such as camping, swimming, hiking, and gardening. To back up the fact that she is an admitted animal lover, she was quick to tell us about her own pets which include two pit mixes, two cats, three snakes, one cockatiel, and one african spurred tortoise. Talk about a full house! In her leisure time she enjoys relaxing with her husband. "Dr. C" truly enjoys being a Veterinarian and providing quality medical and surgical care for all animals that walk (or crawl, or fly) through our front door. Much like Immanuel Kant, Dr. C believes that, "we can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."

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