Dr. Gosney did ACL surgery on both legs of our yellow lab, Savannah. The surgeries were performed about 5 months apart, the first one about 7 years ago. She is now 11 years old and is going strong. She still loves catching her frisbee and is a happy girl. We know without the success of these surgeries we would not have her today. Thank you Dr. Gosney.

Becky Vineyard

Temple, TX

My Wife and I brought our toy Yorkshire Terrier puppy, Biddies, to Dr. Gosney when she was 16 weeks old. He diagnosed her with luxating rear patellas and recommended bilateral corrective surgery to avoid her suffering from arthritis and mobility issues later in life. She was never subject to confinement and recovered remarkably fast. It was the best decision we have ever made for Biddies as she is now two years old and runs like a gazelle, terrorizing every squirrel in our yard. Thank you Dr. Gosney and staff!

Patrick Hodges

Houston, TX 

"Biddies" at age 2. She is a 3 lb. 3 oz Yorkshire Terrier. 

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