The Gosney Technique

The Gosney Technique for Cranial Cruciate


The technique is unique in that the pet (cat or dog and any size) can have the Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) repair, be sent home the same day, no bandage, and absolutely no confinement. I have done this repair thousands of times over the last 42 years with excellent results. 

The repair consists of trans-positioning the Long Digital Extensor Tendon (LDE) to approximate the ruptured CCL. The procedure allows for locating and freeing up the LDE, then by creating a tunnel through the tibial crest and making a slot into it, the LDE is trans-positioned and, thereby, giving the CCL strength back to the stifle joint. This is followed by doing a "Y" repair of the lateral patellar ligament. The incision is closed with a 5 layer closure and in most cases with no surface sutures. The pet is allowed to walk as soon as it feels like it on the leg. 

In addition, during the procedure if any arthritis is present, it is removed. If the trochlear groove is too shallow, it is deepened. Also, the remains of the CCl is removed and, if present, any torn meniscus is repaired. 

The pet will regain full strength and agility in virtually every case. However, if the procedure is delayed and extensive atrophy develops the recovery time is extended while the muscle slowly regain their strength. 

Our clients are very happy that there is usually no confinement period in the hospital. Patients are generally able to use their leg by post-op day 14 with complete recovery in a short period of time. The more quickly patients are seen after rupture the shorter the recovery time is due to the lesser degree of muscle atrophy. 

Dr. Gosney has performed these orthopedic procedures on thousands of dogs and cats in the over 49 years since he developed the surgical technique. The cost of the surgery caries with the size of the animal but the cost generally is about one third of that charged by referral surgical hospitals for standard orthopedic surgeries. 

Temple Veterinary Hospital Medical and Surgical Center welcomes referrals and the pet is referred back to their family veterinarian for follow up exams. Pre-op blood and radiographs may be performed at our facility or at the referring veterinary hospital. 

Veterinarians may refer to our website on for a more detailed description of the surgical procedures. There you will also find a listing of the surgical procedures we offer. We invite you to review owner testimonials and professional reviews of our hospital and surgical outcomes. 

Your clients and patients will be confident and comfortable in our state of the art facility. For the convenience of clients who travel from a distance with their pets for surgery we have a quiet private resting area within the hospital where they are welcome to stay while their pet is having surgery. 

Telephone inquiries are welcome and may be made by calling 254-773-1411 any weekday from 7:30 until 6:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until 12 noon. 

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