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Dr. Gary L. Gosney, who earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1968, practices at Temple Veterinary Hospital Medical and Surgical Center, 2055 Scott Boulevard, Temple, Texas, 76504. He has been repairing dog and cat legs with either ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments and/or ruptured lateral patellar ligaments with shallow trochlear grooves for over 44 years.

The technique for the repair of ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments involves trans-locating the tendon of the long digital extensor (which immediately stabilizes the stifle), removing any arthritis, and re-grooving the trochlear groove. As a part of this repair the technique described below is also performed because the lateral patellar ligament is cut to gain access to the stifle joint. The procedure is a day procedure and the animal goes home the same day with absolutely no exercise restrictions. IF the procedure is completed within the first week after rupturing (which limits most muscle atrophy) the animal is usually using its leg by 14 days post op with a complete recovery in a short period of time. This technique was developed by Dr. Gosney over 44 years ago. It is not a procedure found in literature presently.

The technique for the repair of ruptured lateral patellar ligaments involves creating a "Y" lateral stabilization of the patella using a strip of the tensor fascia lata of the quadriceps femorus. Also, if necessary, the trochlear is re-grooved and any arthritis is removed. Absolutely no confinement is required and in most cases the animal is using the leg within 14 days.

These procedures have been performed on thousands of dogs and cats over the last 44 years with success. The procedures are completed and the animal is sent home in most cases the same day. The cost of the surgical procedures vary with the size of the animal but he cost is about one-third that of most referral hospitals.

Dr. Gosney is not board certified. He does have about 46 years of experience in a wide variety of orthopedic procedures including the two he developed which have been described above.

Temple Veterinary Hospital Medical and Surgical Center welcomes referrals and the pet is referred back to their family veterinarian for follow up exams. Pre-op blood and radiographs may be performed at the referring veterinary hospital.

Questions may be answered by calling 254-773-1411 any week day 7:30 am til 6:00 pm and on Saturdays from 8:00 am till 12 noon.

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